1000 cc Honda Motor Satisfy Stoner

1000 cc Honda Motor Satisfy Stoner

Jerez - Honda again perform a test of the 1000 cc motor that will be used next season. Casey Stoner admitted that test these motors are very satisfied because so far problem free.

Testing on Honda's 1000 cc motor previously been carried out in April and then by lowering the driver testers Kosuke Akiyoshi and Shinichi. The team from Japan on Tuesday (18/05/2011) yesterday re-do the test in Jerez, this time with Stoner fell directly onto the track.

Quoted from the official website of the MotoGP, Stoner began to fall into the track with his 1000 cc motorcycle at 11.00 local time. Total racer from Australia was devoured 50 laps. In that session Stoner using the standard Bridgestone tires this year and the prototype tire season 2012.

Tests conducted at Jerez is expected to help Honda gain feedback related to motor condition and certainly receive comments and input from Stoner. Mentioned that the 1000 cc Honda engine is built on the concept of machines that they use this year, although its development has been done since 2009.

After undergoing tests, Stoner was satisfied with the 1000 cc Honda motorcycle which he calls free of complaints. The Australian rider admitted even really enjoy the sessions trial.

"Everything went very well, very positive. Pleasing back up the 1000 cc, felt again the machine and its power. I feel a lot of fun, I enjoyed the first day because everything we try to walk," said Lorenzo.

The test motor is 1000 cc it shall also be followed Dani Pedrosa. But the accidents experienced Spaniard was in France made ​​him appear frustrated.