Irony of acne

Irony of acne

Occurring of acne is common. The irony is that as you grow up and become conscious of your looks and appearance acme develops. In girls it develops in early teens while in boys it develops in later teen years.

Almost every one faces it. Woman who had not faced it in her teen years is likely to face it in late twenties. It is a natural part of growing up and is caused by hormones. Acne prevention is not possible though proper care and some precautions can reduce its intensity.

How can one prevent something that is quite natural? Here are some tips that can help one face the problem of acme which is mainly cosmetic and psychological, barring some cases of severe incidence which may require help from a physician.

• It is not a disease and is not incorrigible either but in most of the cases it doesn’t require any treatment.

• It develops slowly, stays for some time- some months or years- and goes away.

• It is not caused by lifestyle but gets aggravated by some chemicals used in cosmetics.

• Washing your face twice or thrice a day and drinking lots of water makes acne spots vanish faster.

Some dietary precautions can help. Do not eat fast food and heavy oily things and avoid too much sugar. To prevent acne concentrate on thins which are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. It is observed that those who develop severe acme have lower vitamin A compared to those who don’t. Likewise those who have lower vitamin E in their body girls are likely to have more acne. a