Natsepa Coast Central Maluku

Natsepa Coast Central Maluku
A. Overview

Ramps and wide beach is known since the seventeenth century, used as a vacation spot of the Dutch colonialists. Currently in every weekend, Beach Natsepa always crowded, especially citizens of the city of Ambon. Their goal was to Natsepa among others, to swim, ride a boat that can be rented per-hour, or just unwind by enjoying the natural scenery. There also are coming to simply enjoy the fresh young coconut, eat banana fritters, corn on the cob, salad typical of diamonds or Natsepa Coast.
B. Feature

On certain days around the shores of the gently sloping landscape is very beautiful, partly because about 12 meters from the beach Natsepa often passing large ships carrying logs from Batu Gong, a plywood processing places on the island that looks across the beach Natsepa. The tourists can also take a bath on the beach that this low choppy. After bathing, visitors can buy tuna fish and mud crab fishermen are sold around the beach.
C. Location

Natsepa Beach is located in the village of Suli, Salahutu District, Central Maluku, Ambon Island. This beach is located about 18 km from the center of Ambon.

Natsepa Coast Central Maluku

D. Towards Access Locations

To get to the location of the beach can be reached by taking public transportation at a price one-way IDR. 5000. This beach is located beside the main road, with travel time from the city of Ambon, about 30 minutes, with the distance 24 km.
E. Admission Price Location

The entrance fee to the location of this tour, for adults of Rp. 1000, - two-wheeled vehicles Rp. 1.000, - and four-wheel vehicles Rp. 2,000.
F. Accommodation and Other Facilities

Object This tour provides a variety of facilities that can be enjoyed by visitors such as some shelters that can be used while enjoying the beautiful beaches and scenery in the Gulf Baguala.

There is also a buoy in the form of rental car tire in the wheel at around Rp 3,000 to the small size and Rp 3,500 for a large.