Simple Skin-clearing Secrets for Acne

Simple Skin-clearing Secrets for Acne

Acne, Many of us dread the arrival of these ugly pus-filled bumps. If you’re a teenager, you just can’t wait to be liberated from it. If you’re an adult, you can’t believe it’s back. But let’s face it. Having these pimples is not going to make you the life of the party. But if you follow some simple common-sense measures, you can prevent outbreaks and continue to put your best face forward.

First, it’s important to understand why adults develop acne. There are a variety of reasons.

One cause of outbreaks are hormonal changes. While outbreaks occur often before menstruation, few low-dose oral contraceptives cause fluctuations in hormone levels and subsequent relief of acne for some women. Stress and sleep is a known factor. If you think stress could trigger pimple outbreaks, it's your call to do something about it. Working in front of the deep-fat fryer at a fast-food joint is no different. Excessive oils may cause an insult to the skin causing acne. Chemicals in the workplace and in cosmetics too can cause acne, as well as some drugs. There are barbiturates, lithium and corticosteroids to name a few.

But the major determining factor is genes. How much and how quickly you are to develop these tiny (or sometimes, massive) red pimples depends largely on genetics. If you have inherited the skin characteristic that makes you more likely to develop zits, follow these mind-blowing tips that can help zap out the sap.

If there’s a best way to deal with acne, it’s drugs.

Most dermatologists believe that benzoyl peroxide is the most effective over-the-counter ingredient for acne. Topical and oral antibiotics and retinoids may also be prescribed. Keep in mind that putting too much would do no good. Start with the lowest concentration. Apply these medications on most acne-prone areas that can include your entire face, the back and the chest.

Stop the aggression.

Vigorous washing can only dry up the skin but not the plugged oil ducts. Likewise, picking and popping might end up gathering more infection than you expect. Chances are, your ace will be full of scars in the long run. Acne has something to do with cleanliness. Try not constantly touching your face. Wash properly using a mild soap that best suits your skin type. Give up the oil-based cosmetics and go for noncomedogenic, water-based ones. Loose powder may also be advisable.

Diet dilemmas.

Don’t blame the goodies. Chocolate, nuts, or greasy foods have not been proven to cause teenage acne. But if you often see a correlation, try avoiding the offending food as much as possible.

I hope these tips and information appear valuable to you. Visit your physician every once in a while. It’s extremely important to see a dermatologist before scarring occurs. While some don’t invest much on skin care, it’s extremely important to take good care of it not only for aesthetic but also for health purposes. Don’t risk spreading the infection all over your entire body and to others.