Singapore Tourism - Travel SAVE

Originally ni Tourism accidentally, my own into this 3-dah to Singapore, but his family invites belm ever .... because of garanya see promo Air Asia ... there are direct flights from Bandung. See schedule Kuala lumpur Malaysia or Singapore, how come there are cheap tickets Air Asia, dapetnya February 2010, when the position see ticket two months before finally .... Direct Booking, Bandung-Singapore return ticket, get about 4.5 jt ... for 6 people, plus children's wife's brother-in-law could come mantaffss jg .. right?

Created deh schedule, with plans in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Results surf, get a good reference here tempat2 singapore tour, complete enough info nih, ranging from transportation and travel in the city of Singapore, shopping centers, souvenirs, etc.. To Kuala Lumpur, I am surfing the links Kuala Lumpur tour, including travel from SIN-KL, and Back again. his plan was to Kuala Lumpur we want to ride The train or bus transportation.

Short Stories, finally I made my schedule as specified below. Anyway all I prepared with boiled ranging from the manufacture of passports, tickets, travel costs, hotels etc. Know what happened? after enjoying in Singapore, day-to-2, fitted want to book trains to KL, all schedules Fully Book, finally try Buses, was full as well, why not online message sorry .... but it's just not worth it anymore .... dah just know, if in Singapore, when in conjunction with Hari Raya Lunar New Year, is a great holiday ..... until 3 days in a row, we are rich if you want Eid deh ... it's time forth.

Finally, the Schedule to KL, canceled because ticket home .... already scheduled day of the 6th, we finally filled it with City Tour, with Double Decker Bus open, around the city ... not a small town Singapore, a day dah terkelilingi all. ..
and the rest of other time, repeating again to Sentosa Island, and repeated the famous tourist tempat2 ... such as the Merlion, Esplanade, etc., hundreds of photographs ampe picture .... haha ​​just pegel-pegel abis ... up and down the MRT, Singapore tour till the end .... Singapore terujung.

But anak2 really like, how not happy?, Science Center is a lot of science with a toy anak2, sentosa island, with many types of toys, ranging from the Song of the Sea is remarkable, 4th Dimension Films, Universal Studios, Butterfly Park, Merlion etc. just a lot more toys in Sentosa Island .... that time I departed from Vivo City to use Mono Rail there.

So, again I need not describe here exploring yes ... please surveys themselves, if Hotel, in fact if ill with the family, if you want to save, could be staying at Hotel Bacpacker that cheap, but because with my family, my book hotel in Little India for 2 rooms, cheap hotel I booked through online also, I take Hotel Dickson 81 in Little India, SIN room rate $ 96, around 400rb per room / day, so about 4jt's for 5 days, wekkkss ampe bored tuh singapore.

Actually there is a distinguished hotel in Geylang cheaper, but he is less suitable for families, because the "Red Zone", aka the prostitutes hang out etc. recommenda klu dah .... not in this area ...

But really, klu want efficient, yes dah jalan2 just fun, especially klu night to Klark Quay, there is a cool river tours, klau can go shopping in Chinatown, or in Bugis as cheap, and buy just abizz ...
But if enough tebel bag, we could be in hotel rather better, for example at the Royal Park Hotel, in Kitchener Rd., Tariffs, then $ SIN 321, so about 2jt of a prophecy, woww ... emang a bit expensive .. but this Family Room with tdiur Place 3, the only King Size ... comfortable indeed there is a pool reangnya too ... or would even better in the Marina Bay Sand Hotel ..... ahh but that story is not saving again ... haha ​​.. . but I feel it when traveling alone hehe ... aka Office use Office budget ...

About this under our travel schedule in the Singapore-KL as a family before, but because it is not so to KL, then the day of the 4th and 5th was spent in Singapore.

In Singapore seemed to not have to worry about food, want to model anything there, from India or Malay cuisine a lot in the area of ​​Little India, or Indonesia melayu in Bugis Village or willing to dish ,..... europe though ...
for price-efficient, eager to eat at roadside restaurants kira2 $ SIN 8-10, dah full, but anak2 more enjoy in Mc D alone, only the difference MC D here not use rice ...

If you want souvenirs could have been to Mustafa Market, open 24 hours here, the most complete and somewhat less expensive relative to the size of the Mall ... a complete Parfume can actually try before ..., souvenirs such as key chains, accesoris2 smelling singapore, t-shirts etc, but klu .... actually, shoes and clothes, I think it is still better to buy in Bandung aja deh ........ haha's also mostly made in Indonesia .. klu unless there is a discount program may also besar2an .... to the Mall, here kalu discount, discount ..... emang bener2
klu want a little tired, so just come in Bugis Street, or Chinatown, ... can ride the MRT, there bener2 cheap souvenir goods made in china ... I just found out .... mostly due to the family, eventually the road to get there than lontang putrid not clear ...