Summer May Bring Unwanted Acne Breakouts

Summer May Bring Unwanted Acne Breakouts

Summer is here again, and the weather is ideal for a trip to the beach. What can be more enjoyable than going out with friends to soak in the sun and have fun? There are bountiful parties and holidays for you to enjoy yourself. School is out, all worries are left aside.

However, your trip can be devastated if you don't take the necessary precautions to protect your skin, as summer is the prime time for acne breakouts. Especially July. I'm sure a poke-dotted red face wouldn't be your ideal skin when you hit the beach. The main reason for the increase in the possibility of acne breakouts is because sudden change in temperature and extended exposure to the sun isn't good for the skin. This prolonged exposure to sunlight burns off the top facial skin layer, initially treating acne, but overtime the sunlight becomes more harmful than beneficial. This basically means your acne may initially disappear, but it will come haunt you in the near future. So, what can you do to protect yourself?

There are plenty of sunscreens currently on the market that perform a good job of protecting the skin. However, choosing the sunscreen is a tough problem. Every one has a different skin type, so there is no straight forward recommendation on which sunscreen to use. But, you should look for an oil-free sunscreen. You do not want to apply any chemicals that will clog pores. Sunscreen is a must for the summer, especially for acne skin.

Bathing in sunlight, or even keeping out of the sun almost guarantees that you're going to sweat. Sweat and acne are related. When you sweat, it clogs pores so sebum cannot flow out of the skin. This can lead to severe acne breakouts just after one or two days of hot weather. As your wiping the face frequently to remove the sweat from the skin, dirt and other waste accumulate on the skin. To protect yourself, frequently wash your face with either a non-drying acne wash (there are very few of these), or just wash with water. I would recommend the brand from Aqua Glycolic, since this face wash doesn't dry out the skin. Water alone does a good job of keeping the skin fresh and moist.

Be sure to protect the skin during summertime, and have an enjoyable acne-free summer! No one likes to summer from acne, and just a few minor precautions ensures that acne will stay away.