What Happens When Chewing Food Too Fast?

What Happens When Chewing Food Too Fast?

Not a few people who eat with only chew food a few times and then hastily swallowing it. This method may save time to eat but not for your body. What happens when chewing food too fast?

If you are chased by time, eating occasionally rushed or too fast will not necessarily lead to many problems other than a stomach ache. But if fast food has become your habit, then there are some health problems lurking.

Here are some health problems that occur when people are accustomed to eating too fast, as reported by MedlinePlus, Saturday (28/5/20110:

1. Upset stomach (indigestion and upset stomach)
If you eat too fast will increase the risk of digestive disorders such as abdominal pain or upset stomach. Upset stomach and digestive usually have many symptoms such as burning sensation in the stomach with a heavy feeling (it was like eating rocks), the bitter taste in the mouth and pain in the abdomen.

If this digestive disorder is very severe, sometimes often mistaken for heart attacks. Discomfort is usually eased when the body has a chance to break down food too fast these ditelah.

2. Weight gain and oberitas
Brain and stomach work together to control the appetite and the process did not occur instantaneously. It took about 20 minutes for the stomach to communicate with the brain and let you know that you already feel full.

If you eat too fast, the calories will pile up before the body has a chance to tell the brain that you already feel full. Because relying on the abdominal discomfort (emotional satisfaction) and not from the brain signals, then the people who eat too fast will eat too many calories that make it risky to be fat and obesity (overweight).

3. Not sensitive to hunger and satiety signals
According to the Peace Health Medical Group of Washington, Alaska and Oregon, people who eat too fast will not be sensitive to signal hunger and satiety. And when the habit of eating too fast is not changed, then you could lose the hunger and satiety signals altogether. When this happens, then you can eat at any time in accordance with the emotions is no longer the signals from the body and brain.