Blue Mountains Australia

Blue Mountains Australia

You'll fall in love with the beauty of World Heritage Blue Mountains of misty mountains of blue - one million hectares of tall forest, sandstone cliffs, gorges, waterfalls and forest undergrowth.
Watch the stunning scenery on the way tourist traffic shrub forest, mountain biking, rock climbing, cruising down the canyon or a cliff. Admire the natural tourist destinations such as waterfalls Wentworth Falls and Three Sisters - three stone peak that is named according to Aboriginal legend. Explore the underground river and cave rooms at Jenolan Caves, then walking down the streets of historic Six Foot Track to Katoomba. Among the sandstone outcrops and eucalypt forest, you can enjoy great food, luxurious cabin, the steepest railway in the world and a lively artist colony.

Five ways to enjoy the beauty of the Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains Australia1. Take a walk with Aboriginal guides

Discover the rich variety of Aboriginal heritage in the mountains of the Blue Mountains - from the legend of the Three Sisters to the ancient art and ceremonial sites. Visit Lyrebird Dell shallow cave, an Aboriginal camp around 12,000 years old. See stencils and trace a smooth hand in a cave near the Red Hands Cave, Glenbrook. You can reach this cave by walking across the river Fire Creek Camp, where many years ago Aboriginal people to leave the grooves made by ax on volcanic rock. Take a stroll along a local guide and learn songline Darug connecting sacred places. Watch the show and body painting bark, enjoy bush cuisine forest and swim in the lake water clearly billabong under berpelangi waterfall. View from near wild animals, explore the sandstone caves and listen to Dreamtime stories about the creation of this wilderness.

Blue Mountains Australia2. Walking while inhaling the fresh mountain air

Enjoy views of the mountains of the Blue Mountains - small rivers, waterfalls, wooded valleys, dark ravine and steep cliffs - from one of the many paths that have obvious signs. Explore the old horse track that was built in 1884 from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves, caves in the three-day tour of Six Foot Track. Or follow your tour relax Princess Rock Walk toward the observation station on top of Wentworth Falls waterfall, Kings Tableland and Mount Solitary. You can browse and down the boulders into the gorge Glenbrook Gorge in Glenbrook Gorge Track tours. Or climb the steep cliffs around the waterfall Wentworth Falls via the National Pass challenging. Walking down the Pulpit Rock Track through the swamps, eucalypt forests and open bush to enjoy the view 280 degrees blue gum forest in the valley Grose Valley.

Blue Mountains Australia3. Close to nature tourism destination
You will admire the stunning natural scenery in the mountains of the Blue Mountains. Give homage to the Three Sisters of Katoomba. Then visit the Wentworth Falls waterfall, a beautiful waterfall at the edge of the valley Jamison Valley. See the waterfall is almost 300 meters and see the valley views from the street around him. Standing on a narrow sandstone outcrops at Hanging Rock and listen to your voice echo through the vast wooded valley below. Do not forget to see the underground river, the formation of prehistoric and large spaces in the caves Jenolan Caves, an underground cave networks open the oldest in the world. Feel your feet in a chilling ghost tour or enjoy a monthly concert cave with a natural acoustic music and the atmosphere is like in a fairy tale. At Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens, you can return to the past with the Wollemi Pine, one of the oldest and rarest plants in the world.

Blue Mountains Australia4. By drinking tea in the afternoon or enjoy a hot meal

Mountains Blue Mountains is a place to eat, drink and have fun. Lunch at Leura street filled with beautiful trees, and then explore the galleries, boutiques and shops trinkets. Enjoy a delicious meal in front of a turbulent fire or enjoy coffee and cake in the art deco cafe in Katoomba. Buy delicious food in Blackheath or enjoy afternoon tea at historic homes in caves and stunning Jenolan Caves. In June, July and August, you can watch the celebration Yulefest while enjoying the roast beef and Christmas pudding on the outskirts of a blazing bonfire. No matter where you eat and drink, you'll love the dish that is served with attentive and seductive mountain environment.

Blue Mountains Australia5. With a long journey relaxing drive

Follow the adventures of the tour the Greater Blue Mountains Drive - the driving lane and travel tours around the mountainous region Blue Mountains World Heritage area of ​​10,000 square kilometers. You can explore the surrounding areas such as the highlands of Macarthur and Southern Highlands, Mudgee, Hunter Valley and Hawkesbury. Or explore fascinating places in the mountains of the Blue Mountains region - including Kurrajong, The Mounts, Blackheath and Megalong - over 18 travel lane. If you are tired of driving, take the train Zig Zag Railway, an old steam train along the old path from Bell to Lithgow.