Salma Hayek's Make Up - Hayek named Hollywood's sexiest celebrity

Selma Hayek is beautiful, there is no denying this and her beauty is radiating from within. When you look at Selma Hayek, she always has that natural glow, but she wears make up that enhances some of her best features. She doesn't try to cover up her face with that make up like a lot of individuals, she just highlights what she believes is the best.
The technique Selma Hayek uses to apply make up also keeps the skin in great condition. Selma Hayek's make up is not that pore clogging make up and her pores never show. She uses the type of make up that minimizes the pores. You can get such make up by Clinique Pore Minimizer in order to have that instant perfection. Whenever it is possible, you should do like Selma Hayek and go without the make up.Selma Hayek's make up is always kept to a minimal. In order to keep her look natural, she is known for going out without make up on, even lipstick. When choosing a foundation, you should make sure it blends in well. Find a shade that is lighter than your face. A shade that is darker will not give you that Selma Hayek look. You should always avoid having that mask look and always even out your foundation. There are some Revlon products that have been promoted by the actress, we recommend you using them. Selma Hayek's make up consists of MoistureStay for lip color in Fawn. You too could get the look of Selma Hayek.